Made with the finest cannabis oil.
85% THC Content.
Full flavored, with no cut.
Shit’s Primo!
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Using the finest ingredients available, including gourmet chocolate, cage-free organic fresh whole eggs, purified cannabutter, unbleached flour and pure organic vanilla extract.

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Just The Tip is the top flight of the pre-roll cannabis joint.  Utilizing the tippie-top of top-shelf buds, Just the Tip pre-roll joints are infused with T.H.C. distillate and encrusted with organic kief. 

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Since 1993

We believe in clean living.

We believe in creativity and the pursuit of an artisan craft.

We believe in artists because we are artists.

We believe in Skill.

We believe an expertly refined process yields the highest quality product.

We believe that every single measurement must be perfect.

We believe in chasing the exotic, the rare, the mystic, the intangible, the glorious.

We believe that friends and customers are the same thing.

We believe in finding your tribe, and we believe that if you’ve found us, you just might be ours.

We believe we can all find a little bit of saint, a little bit of hood-rat and a little bit of hippie if we look deep inside.

We believe that education unites a community.

We believe that you have a voice, and we are dedicated to letting your voice be heard.

We believe in getting people off booze and government dope.

We believe in living life to its fullest.

We believe in the Wilderness Inside.*

We believe in your unequivocal right to do what you want with your body.

We believe that driving it behind doors and into dark places does nothing to cure it or even diminish it (and yeah, we stole that from a guy named Mark Twain).

We believe that sometimes bravery and insanity are indistinguishable.  So go ahead and get a little crazy, Friend…

We believe that in the subtlety lies the power.

We believe that in the complexity lies the simplicity.

We believe that one great experience is worth a million luxury goods.

We believe in rendering goodwill and procuring peace of mind for our fellow man.

We believe in the enjoyment of life.

We believe in Love.

We believe in Freedom.



*Credit where credit is due….”Angela” by The Lumineers;  Cleopatra, 2016.

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