Hi there, Tribe.  We are Ijasun.  We produce the highest-quality edible products on the Cannabis Market.  They are also, coincidentally, the tastiest mother fuckin’ treat you’ll ever consume.  (And there really is no such thing as a coincidence.)


But who are we, really? Why do we do what we do?


First of all, let’s get the name right.


“Ijasun” =


“I,” as in “I love you!” or (graphic of an eye)



“Jah,” as in “Jah will be there” or (picture of a lion or a rasta guy)




“Sun,” as in “Damn, Son,” or (graphic of the sun with sunglasses on)




[Insert large graphic of and eye, plus sign, “JAH”, plus sign, and sun with sun glasses.




Now say it fast five time.  Ready, set, go!


Get it?  Got it?  Good.




Now, for the why…


You already know what we do.  We make badass cookies, carts and other dope shit.


We do what we do because we are like you.  We seek health for ourselves and our community.  We want to have fun.  Hell, we wanna party like it’s 1999.  And we believe that the pursuit of happiness and health can be one in the same when executed correctly.


We are passionate.  We are passionate about cannabis.  We are passionate about what it does for us – what it does for you.  We love the culture we and you have created around it.  We love the creativity that emerges from our culture, and we love the adventurous spirit and entrepreneurial nature of our Tribe.  We love that cannabis represents the ability to think for yourself, the ability to have your own voice, the ability to express yourself and do what you think is right and be who you want to be and break all the mother fuckin’ rules.


We love what cannabis represents.  We love being part of the Wild Wild West circa 2020.  We love helping people feel good sans government dope.  We love moving toward a healthier, stronger, more blissful world.


What’s our “Why?”  Why should people have to live in pain?  Why should people have to cover their pain with more side effects that create more pain?  Why should any human or animal be backed into a corner given only one option to alleviate their suffering?  (By the way, that’s not called an “option.”  It’s called an “ultimatum.”  You take the pill we want you to take, or you suffer the consequences.)  Why should we be held hostage because we’re hurting?


Our “why” goes even deeper than that.  Why should we be forbidden from receiving what nature gives us?  Why should we be forced to consume artificially engineered substances because the powers that be are afraid?  Why should we be forced to give our money back to The Man?


We stand for something at Ijasun Gourmet.  We stand for independence and love and freedom.  We stand for health, for high-quality products and measurable results.  We unite with our brothers and sisters in going back to the Aina and evolving into the next generation of health and prosperity.


We are not just a great bakery and confectionary.  We are a movement.  We are a concept.  We are a community – a community that just happens to make a damn good chocolate chip cookie.


Join the movement.  Be part of the solution.  Join Ijasun .

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