Just The Tip

Just The Tip is the top flight of the pre-roll cannabis joint.  Utilizing the tippie-top of top-shelf buds, Just the Tip pre-roll joints are infused with T.H.C. distillate and encrusted with organic kief.  This is the alpha pre-roll experience for both medicinal and recreational users, creating a synergy between all of the elements that go in to Just the Tip.


The quality of Just the Tip is unmistakable, for even the most discerning cannabis aficionado. Just the Tip is a tranquil smoke, the high end buds, pristine distillate and organic kief coming through on the first hit and continuing til the very end. A Just the Tip pre-roll can last the single smoker over several sessions maintaining its potency and flavor, or can be shared among six to eight friends for a thoroughly enjoyable session for all.